RoomTwo is a very simple concept. It was something that we, as a team, always want to do. Take the best sound system we can lay our hands on, along with the most up to date equipment, throw a few lights in for good measure and above all else the finest underground music we can find – No Compromise. 

It really is simply about the music, and the people. We wanted to play our music out, on a big loud rig and if there were people there to listen then great.

Our music is not for everyone but to the few that do appreciate it and are willing to give it a try, most walk away feeling that they have just experienced something a bit different, a bit dark, but definitely of the highest quality.

We all travel to gigs all across the country and sometimes further and hope to hear our favourite DJ’s play the set of their life. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. We have spent the last 25 or so years doing this.

But we have heard the small guys, the people who arn’t paid massive amounts, or the people who sit at home and play their music to no one but themselves play sets that have blown us away. This was what we wanted for RoomTwo.

A platform for talent, both local and afar, of all ages to play exactly what they want to play. Not always playing to the crowd, but to educate and introduce them to music they have never heard. To be at the forefront to be the first to have no compromise. That is RoomTwo.

And we want to do this for free! We are not charging for our events at all. We have a line of folks wanting to play for RoomTwo either at gigs or on our radio show which can be found here.

Our nights are almost always recorded and we regularly, sometimes weekly release mixes on both Soundcloud & Mixcloud. Please use the links to subscribe to them, we will also update you via twitter and our facebook page with details.

We also have plans to bring in other talented artists and this web site will be used for you the listeners to vote for who you would like to hear. This can be anyone, and we love diverse!!

On these special events where artists will be charging a fee then of course there will be a nominal fee to cover the artist. We will always base the cost of entrance on 100 people attending. So if an artist is £500 then a ticket will be £5 each. If 200 attend the night then the extra £500 taken will go towards the next artist booked, in turn either bringing the ticket price down or allowing bigger bookings. We will publish all details here on the site. A mutual aid in club nights! This is what make RoomTwo different.

Our Ethos: quality sound, quality lights, and quality music. No Compromise.
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